Teaching Outdoors in Zone Z

One of the unfortunate realities about teaching in Huaycán is that you occasionally run into some safety issues.  For the most part, we can walk around comfortably in the upper zones (in the daylight, of course), knowing that the parents of our students as well as the women participating in our programs are looking out for us.  However, this is a community where people face hardships, and one of these is addiction to drugs.  Since our classroom is located near the entrance to the cemetery, which is located off the main road but with quite a bit of empty land nearby, sometimes people with vicios (vices) decide to hang out near our classroom.  Naturally, the kids recognize these characters, and they get spooked.  So on one such occasion in November we locked up the classroom and decided to hold class outside at one of the canchitas (sports fields) where there were cement tables with built-in chess boards.

Surprisingly, the kids were able to concentrate on learning their clothing vocabulary, and we got many of our goals accomplished.  It helped that about half the class was absent that day due to make-up classes because of a teacher’s strike in October.  It also gave me an opportunity to snap some pictures of my students showing off their lovely personalities! 🙂 Making the best out of a bad situation is what it’s all about!

Outdoor Classroom in Zone Z, Huaycan!
The kids in our outdoor classroom!


Lufe working on her worksheet, Milena watching the boys be silly!



Adrian making faces, Jefferson being adorable!



Willy posing and looking well-behaved (don’t be fooled!) and Lufe smiling sweetly!

As you can see, these kids are adorable and it’s a treat to work with them, even if sometimes we have to find alternate classroom locations!

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