Boston-Area Bucket List!

Copley Square in Summer
Copley Square in Summer

Before I begin, don’t get too excited: I have no immediate plans to abandon Boston/Cambridge for any wild adventures overseas.  That said, I reserve the right to change my mind at any moment, and that’s why I’ve created my Boston bucket list.

When I was nearing the last few months of my year volunteering in Peru, I wrote a Lima-area bucket list to encourage me to finally finish doing all of the things I had been meaning to experience during that whole year.  Some of them were food-related, like returning to Papacho’s for a delicious veggie burger, while others were more cultural, such as viewing Mario Testino’s photography exhibits, and others involved travel or hiking, like finally visiting Callahuanca, land of chirimoya, which is a small town relatively close to Huaycán, but a world away in terms of its ambiance.  In the end, I only accomplished about half of the things on my list, because I also just loved soaking in daily life in Lima.

The thing I often forget when I’m living in whatever city I call home is that there are lots of places to visit and experience beyond those located around my comfort zones of work and home.  I am content wandering through the same streets of Cambridge and nearby Somerville again and again, visiting my favorite cafes and shops, checking out the flowers in Boston Common, relaxing in the sun in Copley Square (see above!), and watching the sunset over the Charles.

However, when I am feeling my itchy feet pushing me to travel, I have to remember that I can view my own city/region through the eyes of a traveler.  There are so many things in the Boston area that I have yet to experience because Boston has always been a safe port for me, a place I return to after time away.  But I finally realized that one way to keep my adventurous spirit happy is to explore these amazing places and break out of my pleasant, yet predictable routines.  So I created a Boston-area bucket list of sites I have always wanted to see, places I haven’t visited since college, and destinations suggested by local residents on message boards.

In no particular order, this is my Boston-area bucket list:

I’m sure this list will grow, so if you have any suggestions, send them my way! 🙂

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